Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Ride and a Good Shot?

Yesterday Seven and I traveled back to Denton to Brock and Leisha Griffith's place to compete in their 2nd Trail Obstacle Race. My Friend Reed came along with me and she brought her horse Fortune. We had a great time. They had a kids group along with the adults.
Right as I was getting ready to go on course some asked Leisha if this was the mule, Seven that I had brought last time. I told her yes it was and she laughed and turned to him and said "Sorry, it is Seven!"
Seven did the course very well! He jumped the banks, went through the cowboy curtain and was the only equine to get bonus point for putting all four feet on the platform at once! The most interesting obstacle this time was when you had to shoot a 22 rifle with a sight at a target about 30 feet away. Everyone dismounted to do this but had Brock hold their horse or tie it to a post. I decided to go for extra points and hold Seven myself. I don't think I have shot any kind of rifle in over 20 years so this was going to be interesting. I also have never used a sight.
As I dismounted all I could think of was breath slowly, slow down. I remembered watching the Winter Olympics several years ago, there were competitors who had to ski as fast as they could, then stop and target shoot. They had all these techniques for slowing their heart rate down and getting still. I wished at that point I knew some of their tricks! I stood up to take the shot, forgetting that Brock had said we could use the chair to sit in or hold the gun steady. I lined up my shot, said "Whoa" to Seven as I squeezed the trigger, Seven never moved! Then I had to jump back on my mule and finish the course! YAHOO!
Off we went down the hill of grass, Seven really got into it and I had to slow him up a bit! We then did the tire obstacle and tried for extra points by keeping his front feet on it and moving his hind end around the tire. Then it was on to the Teeter-Totter. No Problem. Reed caught a great photo Seven in a close up as we were riding in! He has a look of pride from doing a good job, and I think just a little smile!
We ended up in First Place! Won $80 in payback money!
The thrill of my day was when I asked Brock were I was on the target. He said I had the best shot of the day! Got 4 out of 5 in points on the target! Now I just can't get over that!
The lady who got second place told Brock that she was "Coming back next time to get that damn mule!"
I say bring it on Sister!!! ; }


Anonymous said...

You are my hero!! And Henry says Seven is his hero.


Bob Koch said...

Good Job! I wish I could have been there, but I had to work. Keep me posted on future events. Bob

Bev Duval said...

Long ears rule! That Lady can try but Seven is enjoying himself way to much to be beaten, you can see it in his face...........

Anonymous said...

I think he may even have been smirking a bit!!

Anonymous said...

you rock 7 :) (and shannon ain't too bad
christina & oakley (short ears)

Donna said...

Is there anything that Seven CAN'T do!!!! What a superstar and not a bad rider too!!!! Donna from France

dglvr3 said...

Wow! Sounds like so much fun! Sending Hello hugs to little Levi from Harley!

Anonymous said...

Seven's a real superstar!! Congratulations from Debbie & Jack.