Sunday, November 20, 2011

Work Day & A Birthday Party

Worked a little too hard today in the yard. Started early and went too late! Pressure is on for our Thanksgiving Holiday. I have my Uncle flying in from California on Monday night. Got one more day to do the shopping, cleaning of house and organizing...... My Quota 2 High!!
I have been helping a friend with her show horse. She has brought him over three times and worked really hard! She has done a great job following though and working with her horse, so I don't mind helping her! Christina told me she would come over with Mark her husband and help me do some projects in exchange. Well they came over today for 3 1/2 hours! We got SO much done! Mark re-hung the mule head signs on the big barn with new ones, and an old road sign Holly gave me with a carriage horse. We took a marker and made the horses ears bigger and added a shaved looking mane!!
Then we hung three small signs on the front of the house that spell RMF but we hung the R backwards so that it matches my brand. Then Mark re-hung the large star on the front Oak tree, it had blown off in the hurricane from Sept.
Then the big project was, that he knocked out some shelving in one of the little covered barns and we cleaned it out so my new JUKE can fit in it! So excited about this! I can now leave early for work like I do and not have to worry about scrapping ice or frost off the windows! A Major pain at 6:30 in the Morning!
Before they got there I had had gardened and taken three wheelbarrows out to the fire pile. I also had driven 1/2 hour each way to pick up the Lamb meat that Tara and I had processed.

So then I took a quick shower and got the mules ready (Seven and Sadie) for my neighbor to bring his daughter (turning 12) and 8 other kids over for a Birthday Party ride.
Finally that Sadie Mae was doing something to earn her keep!
The Birthday party went well. I used Sadie and after getting her going with the kids I just turned her loose with the kids. I kept my hands on Seven and after a few times around with the kids he was cool with giving pony rides! One of the guests takes lessons and rides Hunter/Jumper at a local riding school. I let her ride Seven on her own and she did so well with him, she even got to canter a bit! One of the other girls tickled me so much, when I got Seven to jog for her, she just giggled and giggled!!

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