Monday, November 7, 2011

St. Clair Red Mule & SHEEP Farm???

Here are the 7 Painted Desert Sheep that my friend Tara is loaning me! We are doing a test to see if, 1. I like having the sheep around and 2. how they do eating my pastures down! They are supposed to be little lawn mowers! These are what they call hair sheep so they don't need to be sheared and they can be processed for meat too. The males grow big twisted horns like the Big Horn Sheep they hunt out west. This is a relatively new breed of sheep. Most of them are all different colors, like paint horses and have wild markings! So that are neat looking too! Tara bought me two other sheep that I took to the slaughter house so both of our families can have lamb during Thanksgiving and Christmas! This group has two rams whom are brothers and then five ewes for them to breed. Guess I will be learning a lot about sheep, and quickly!

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