Monday, November 7, 2011

Trail Obstacle Race in Williamston

Molly came up for a visit and we headed to Williamston, NC for an Trail Obstacle Race. I had rained the day before and things were still very slippy but we got the truck and trailer in to the field to park and then promptly got it stuck! No worries, we will get it out later!
I tacked Seven up and when to go and walk the course with the host. It was a fun looking course but would have to be done with care as there was standing water every where. Not many people came and so Seven and I started everyone off! He did really well, dragging a log, carrying water buckets, pushing balls, trying to rope a practice cow head. We also got to move some cows from one side of a pen to the other. We loaded into and then back out of a horse trailer and then headed off to the second field to finish the race. We walked though a very large tractor tire, turned a 360 in a sand box and then headed for a deep water ditch to cross. I could tell Seven was wondering how deep it was going to be as we slid down into the muddy water!
Then we ran through some flags, over a bridge and through a cowboy curtain. The last thing to be done was to climb the tire mountain! I thought this was the coolest thing I have ridden over yet! See photos below! I think I need to build one of these at my house!
We met lots of new people and Seven and I ended up winning. They are trying to raise money to start the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of American Ranch Horse Association so I gave them by $27.50 of winnings back to the club. We did get some great door prizes too! Best part of the whole day is that I got to school him on some of the course and practice the jump several times!

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