Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mule Rider Boot Camp at the RMF!

On Sept. 24 and 25th I have several friends come over for the first ever Mule Rider Boot Camp! We started the day with all mules and one short-ear! We did some ground work and some showmanship. Then tacked up to ride! We had multipable problems that needed working on but everyone worked hard. I started out by giving away my Julie Goodnight reins to some who had snaps on their reins, then my bridle to another lady who's mule needed my Gag Bit! I was stuck riding Seven in a halter and lead rope! Ha! He was good though.
We broke for a late lunch and then rode again in the afternoon.
Sunday I started up with just one mule rider and we did ground work, she and the mule showed much improvement even from the day before! We also did a Make-Over clip job on his face and mane! He looked like a new mule! Later some others came and everyone showed improvement, so you know me, I gave them more to work on!
A lot of fun and I enjoy helping people out. Sometimes just small changes in how things are done or how a rider things about things can make a big difference!

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