Monday, September 19, 2011

Blue Eyed, Lucky Three 7's Puppy Named LEVI

In my search to find another Corgi friend, I went to go see a rescue, and the mother of some puppies who might be re-homed. The breeder showed me one puppy that she thought I might be interested in. He was one of a 7 litter of puppies and born on 7/7/11. If that is not a Lucky Dog I don't know what one is! He was her pick of the litter and was disappointed because one of his eyes had turned blue over the last week. So he is not eligible to be in the conformation show ring.
The eye that turned Blue is his right eye, the same side where Reuben was missing an eye. I had some strict tests that the puppy had to pass, which he did with flying colors! He is a calm and confident puppy! The black on his head with turn red, as he is a red headed tri-color. So he will not look quite so much like Reuben when he is grown. I was in love! Of course!
I was so excited that I went out to all the pet stores to find him the perfect leash and collar, ended up with 18 toys and had to puppy proof my house. I also bought a book about puppies written by Cesar Millan.

It is weird how some things just work out! All the 7's in his life, the blue eye being on the same side as Reuben's missing eye, the breeder lives just a few miles from my house, I found her through work of mouth, and not an advertisement. When I did my tests with him and later spent time visiting him, I realized that he was the only one out of the group that I would have wanted anyway, because of his calm and confident nature!

I brought him home on Sunday Sept. 18th and have been having great fun with him ever since! It is funny to me how young he is and how easily he gets distracted. I also keep forgetting that he has not seen a lot of things, like cars driving by, plastic shopping bags, mules, cats, toes. So it is great fun showing him all this new stuff! I also brought him a new lunge whip to chase, which he took to that game right away! Good way to get a puppy tired.
The other night the girls next door came over to see him. They were so excited when they saw him that they started running at him making all kinds of noise. Levi was so funny, he took one look at them, barked once and then ran back to the porch. I got the girls to sit and then call him back over. Once he met them, they all had great fun!
Many Thanks for Mom and Aunt Cherie for my early Birthday money to help buy him! What a great present!
Levi at 8 weeks.

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