Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NC Corgi Picnic

Saturday Oct. 15th, Levi, Dylan, Mom, Dad and I headed to Wake Forest to Teamworks Training Center for the NC Corgi Picnic! We got there in time to help Judy set up the big play pen for Levi's brother and sisters to play together. (Puppies are 14 weeks at this point!) Judy still has one brother and one sister from Levi's litter and Rhonda came with her litter mate Harley. Levi and Harley pick up right where they left off, playing hard with each other! First was the herding test! All four puppies showed some signs of interest in the ducks and the tester
recomended that we re-test when they were a little older. The it was time for more playing for the puppies and watching things like Dock Diving, Agility and inspecting the items for the drawings. We went down to the pond and Levi got his toes wet but Dylan went for a little swim!
Lunch was ready and we had a great selection. Many people came up and watched the puppies play. One lady came up and asked, "Oh are there the door prizes?".
Rhonda, Mom and I signed our dogs up for the games. First was Hot Dog Bobbing. Levi and Harley really did not get it and only ate one while I held it up out of the water. Then it was Dylan's turn and he ate 10 of the little pieces of hot dog. I think the winning dog ate 21 in 30 seconds!
The next game was Musical Mats. Kind of like Musical Chairs except you have to get your dog to get on the mat when the music stopped! Harley and Rhonda won!!
The final game was the Corgi Dash! You would call your dog from a starting point to you and the time was taken from the start to a line the cross! The catch is there is a plate with a piece of hot dog on it in between! Several of the dogs hit the scent and went right for it. I took Levi down to the start and showed him a liver treat, then I ran down and started calling him! It took him over 8 seconds to come but he came right to me! He got a lot of "Ah how cute!" from the crowd! The winning dog did it in less than 2 seconds.
We headed home, all of us tired! Best thing that happened all day was that Levi was so tired he fell asleep on my lap! So sweet! He was also a little tired on Sunday and needed an extra nap! He did get to play with Sparky from next door! Dad and I celebrated our Birthdays together with some ice cream cake and Mom brought me neat flower arrangement with a puppy in it!

Levi's Sister Harley and her owner Rhonda.

Sparky and Levi playing! See puppy made of flowers?

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dglvr3 said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't know it was your birthday weekend :) We had a great time at the NC corgi Picnic! Thanks for the mention of Harley's success and the beautiful pictures! So, happy we got to finally meet and Harley & Levi got to rekindle their love of each other.