Friday, March 18, 2011

Helping Horse Show & Kenny's Ride -All in the same Weekend?

I know that my "Quota for Life" is too high, but boy did I try to pack it all in this weekend! (March 12 & 13) I brought Sadie, Seven and Reuben with me to the Helping Horse Show in Pinelevel on Saturday. The show went well and those that asked me, if those were my mules, could not believe that they stood tied to the horse trailer so quietly all day. (They had hay to munch on) The show was pretty big this time, over 200 entries, which is great and means more money for the Therapeutic riding group but it made for a longer day. I donated one of my crocheted horses to the silent auction and also ended up winning some Easter colored and shaped bird seed eggs, and a cool sign saying Blacksmithing. Once the show was over I turned the mule out in the arena for a few minutes while I changed clothes and got ready to go. It was cute because the owner of the property, a retired farmer, kept asking me if I needed help catching, watering or loading my mules! I thanked him very much but showed him how polite they are.
I arrived at Kenny's Sandhill ride at about 8PM. It was pitch dark since this was the night that the time changed! My great friend Barry Greene helped me out so much by getting me parked, unloaded and the mules set for the night all in the dark! We joined everyone for some lively conversation at the camp fire. All at once Reuben started barking and Kenny's dog Rimshot took off for some trees on the edge of camp. We then heard what sounded like a coon going up a tree. You could hear all the claws on the bark of the pines. We, of course, ran over there with our flashlights but could not see a thing, for which I was kind of glad!
After another hour I decided it was time for a shower and bed. I returned to the trailer and decided that it was a little cold and got out my propane heater for the trailer. I hit the light button and flames started coming out the top of the heater! I tried blowing it out and then turning it off and that did not work so I grabbed it with my leather glove and carried it out side. I looked at it for a few seconds and then went and grabbed my fire extinguished and that put it out!! With that emergency over I decided to take my shower! I got all ready, towel, curtain up, etc. When I turned on the water to come out of the top it just sprayed out of the faucet and not the hose. what. I guess no shower. So I filled a bunch of plastic cups with hot water and washed my hair outside! Got a sponge bath that night, but at least it was a warm one! I decided that I better go to bed before anything else started happening!
The next morning I was so tired! It took me a while to get going! We left out about 9AM for a wonderful ride! Not a cloud in the sky. Two wagons and 7 riders. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful lake, where Seven tried to roll in the sand! After lunch Wendy wanted to try Sadie Mae out, so we tied her mule to the back of Kenny's wagon. I was amazed because I actually got Sadie's halter off and her full bridle on and buckled with out even getting off of Seven!
We got out front and took a good long canter down the sand road. Wendy tickled me when she said "When I dream of riding, this is what I dream of!" So as you can guess she loved riding Sadie! I took her off the trail some and up and down some hill sides that Wendy was not too sure about riding! But she loved it all in the end.
I am grateful that now the time had changed and we can do a little more riding in the evenings!

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