Friday, March 18, 2011


I have known they had to be around but I had not heard them until tonight! (March 16th) I was in the yard taking something out to the horse trailer, when I heard something different in the woods across the field from my house. I quickly walked to the front fence and stood still to listen. It was high pitched yips and yaps and some barking that sounded like a large pack, but not dogs. Spooky! The next morning I looked it up on the internet and after listening to a recording on YouTube I knew it was Coyotes! Oh boy, just what we don't need in the neighborhood.

The next evening, Katie came over to ride Sadie Mae. I told her we were going Coyote hunting. So we rode over to the area where I thought they would have been but we did not even see a track! I saw my neighbor and he said that he heard them too!
We headed over towards Marty's place (The guy with the apple trees) and as we were leaving and going down the gravel road we both heard a loud "Grummp" sound come from the tall brush beside us! The mules looked but did not spook at the sound, but we decided that we would not investigate that one! Some of my friends suggesting it might have been Big Foot!

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