Friday, March 18, 2011

Chris Cox Wins Road To The Horse for the Third Time!

(Feb. 24-27th) We had the tickets for almost a year and we where all excited to be going! Competition of the century! Chris Cox, 2 time winner of RTTH, Clinton Anderson, 2 time winner of RTTH competing against Pat Parelli, most well known "natural" horse trainer of all time.
Cindy, Susan and I flew out of Raleigh and met up with Cobie and Jan at the airport in Nashville. With a few car rental problems we headed out to Murphesboro, TN! I met up with Bev and two of her friends at the hotel next door later that afternoon.
The next day we headed over for the fun to begin. They had many guest riders and presentations. Even a Charo with a beautiful Palomino horse!
Chris, Clinton and Pat all gave demonstrations. The shopping was really good and I found some very interesting things to buy!
The next day the three each picked a horse and started working them in round pens. Each had 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday to get ready for the obstacle course and skills test. Chris's horse was scared to death and it took nearly the whole first session for him to be able to touch him. Clinton's horse was very aggressive and fought him the whole time. Pat's horse seemed very friendly, let him touch him all over with out a fuss. Then when he put the saddle on the horse, he broke in two and bucked for all he was worth. Later Pat stepped on the horse and he broke into a huge bucking fit, bucking Pat off by the second buck.
The next day all three trainers made great strides but when it came down to the obstacle course Chris' horse was the most prepared and put in a very good performance!
We are so proud of Chris to win for a third time in a row and to beat the best of the best!!
I have orded the DVD and can't wait to watch it all again!
Chris riding in the final obstacle course.
First backing.
Chris riding with his three year old daughter Charley, she is a natural, and cute too!

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