Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Mom and Dad came down for Thanksgiving! Some how, I pulled the house together, had Thanksgiving dinner ready when they arrived on Thursday afternoon. Dad wore his vest I gave him for his Birthday and the hat from a few years ago. We ended up dressing alike so of course we had to take a photo with a mule.
Friday I rode Seven and practiced for the dressage show coming up and also rode the Haflinger mule all over the farm and tested him out! He keeps impressing me!
Reuben, Mom's Dog Dylan and the Wild Cat all did very well together until Sat. Night. Dylan was chasing the lazer dot and the cat decied he did not like Dylan acting like that! Shawn the cat got all upset and every hair on his body was standing up. I chased him out of the living room, got my gloves on and picked him up and put him in the bathroom. He cooled out! In 20 minutes we had a nice kitty again!
Saturday Mom and I did some shopping and then we rested and ate the rest of the day! Sunday they headed home but it took them longer than expected because it was raining horribly and cold!

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