Monday, December 8, 2008

Shiloh's New Home!

November 22 and 23, 2008 was a long tiring weekend! I might just have to not do much but sleep over Thanksgiving! I left Friday night and took Shiloh to my friend Holly's place in Columbus, NC. Then Saturday Holly came with me and we hit the road at 8AM. I was taking my mule Shiloh to her new owner, Linda Morris in South Carolina. I have not had much time to spend with Shiloh and Linda needs an older steady mount to ride. On the way we stopped at this regular looking gas station to get a bring and use the restroom. They had the most interesting crafts and wood carvings all over the store. Framed prints and paintings, wood cravings, hand made signs and pottery. All of a sudden in the middle of no where we were shopping! Holly bought a really nice bear head carved out of a pine knot and a carved gourd for a friends. I bought a walking stick that had twisted wood from a vine growing into it. I also found a poster of South Carolina Waterfalls for a friend who works on my truck who just happens to spend his free time hiking to waterfalls!

We finally arrived at Linda’s Place!
Linda almost cried when I opened the trailer and told her to go in and get her new mule!
The Big Bow (Like the car commercials) was a Big Hit!
We looked are over and I told Linda some of Shiloh’s quirks, then Linda rode her for a few minutes to try her out and to see how her tack fit Shiloh.
I got to see my old Donkey Banjo which Linda calls Brayhoven. He looked very good and happy! We had lunch then messed with Linda’s Haflinger Mule for the afternoon. We left about 4pm and took the mule with me to try out for my friend Beverly. We got back to Holly’s house in Columbus about 5:30 so I went out for Chinese for dinner with Bruce and Holly.

Left Sunday at 6AM, got to my house at 10:30, set the new mule up in a paddock and started getting ready for the Pony Party! Cleaned the paddock (5 wheelbarrows) then tacked up and decorated Chester and Sadie! They looked great with silver hooves, painted stars and hearts all over them! Eight kids came and we have endless pony rides for about an hour and a half and some parents and a grandfather rode too! After they left I cleaned the trailer, unpacked and crashed in my bed!!! Now I have a mule and a donkey with silver hooves and silver stars and hearts all over them walking around in my pasture! What will the neighborhood think?? Hopefully it will all come off in the next rain storm!

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