Monday, December 8, 2008

Mules in the Feed Room!

I came home on Friday (12/5/2008) with a lot to do for the Dressage Show the next day! I saw something that made my heart sink! The feed room door was open and the Mustang’s butt was hanging out of the doorway! No sign of Seven anywhere so that had to mean he was in the feed room! I calmly went in the house and changed my coat and shoes. I did not want to scare them out of the feed room and have them hurt themselves so I quietly unchained the gate, but as I unlatched it they heard me.
They reacted like two little kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar! The horse scrambled backwards and some how did not hurt himself on the tin he pulled back. Then I heard Seven scrambling around with hooves on metal trash cans and cans falling over! He got to the doorway and jumped the three steps down and went bucking across the paddock! I was afraid to see how much they had eaten. It looked like about 20 pounds a piece but I could not be sure. I was also amazed to see that they had not fallen through the floor in that old building! Good think I had put some plywood over the rotten hold in the floor!
(For those of you who don’t know about horses, they can kill themselves by eating too much grain as toxins in their body from the over load poison their systems, plus they could colic)
My neighbor had mistakenly forgotten to close the feed room door when some people dropping off a trailer for some parade hay got her in a hurry, easy thing to do!
I put them all in their pens and watched them both on and off all night. The both seemed to be ok but walked around like they where a little bloated! I kept those two off any more grain for a few days and off all hay that night! Seven pooped all day long at the Dressage Show but LUCKY for Seven and Buckshot they both suffered no ill effects!

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