Friday, December 19, 2008

Shiloh Loses Her Skirt In The Tractor Supply Parking Lot!

Linda Morris, Shiloh's new owner started out our phone conversation by saying to me "Shiloh lost her skirt in the Tractor Supply parking lot!" Which sounds like a huge problem if you are a lady but a lady Mule with lots of winter hair, not too bad!
Linda decorated Shiloh with a Santa Hat, Sleigh Bells, Big Red Bow and a Tree Skirt for her Christmas time visit to Tractor Supply Company, where Linda works part time. As they stood out front giving out candy and letting kids pet and feed Shiloh treats, her Tree Skirt kept blowing off in the wind. Linda said she had to finally just take it off as she could not get it securely tied on!
Shiloh enjoyed all the attention and stood steady as people with shopping carts and merchandise came in and out of the sliding doors! She gave a few kids a pony ride and made their day too!

Linda and Shiloh are having more fun together than I ever could have imagined! You can tell by this photo that they both are having great fun!

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