Monday, December 31, 2012

HCOC Trail Obstacle Challenge

Christina and I headed down to Lake Waccamaw for the last High Cotton Obstacle Course Challenge of 2012.  With another challenging course set and a nice warm day for December 1st, we enjoyed the day and both of our equines did really well. Some of the classes had some really tight competition!

The last class of the day was the Masters Class, where they ask extra things of the equine/rider teams. As it turned out Christina and I were the only two in the class. Seven and I went first and had a very good round. Christina and Oakley set out to try to beat us! She had such a good round that she had me slightly worried! It really showed how much the two of them had improved over the last year! All their hard work was showing!
Show results:
In-Hand - 1st -Seven
Novice - 1st  Oakley
Green Horn - 1st Oakley
Masters - 1st Seven, -only 5 points behind- 2nd Oakley

Christina was so excited! She and I both won two nice plaid sheets for our equines! I was very proud of Christina for how well she did!
Tollie and Aimee came out to see us show and we stayed and talked for a long time after the competition! Plus there was a pan of brownies we had to take care of too!
Oakley and one of his TWO sheets!

Seven and one of his TWO sheets! 

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