Monday, December 31, 2012

H. Cooper Black! Twila's first big Adventure!

On Nov. 16th Debbie and I took of with her mule Tucker and my mammoth donkey Twila Merrill and met our friends at H. Cooper Black. This is down in South Carolina and the riding is mainly sand and pine trees. I thought this might be a good place to being Twila and she how she does in a big group on a longer trail ride.
Twila all clipped up and ready to go! 

On Friday Debbie and I rode out for just short spin through the trees before a group dinner and big camp fire that evening! Tucker and Twila both settled in very well.
Saturday morning we saddled up and got ready to head out with the group! We had a nice group of mules, a horse or two and one big Donkey named Twila Merrill.

The CMA Group makes another attempt to line up! Debbie on Tucker! 
Shannon on Twila and Debbie on Tucker! 
When we took off several people where keeping an eye on Twila to see how she would do. Donkeys are notorious for being much slower than the other mules. The group picked up a quick pace while trying to follow the wagons and Twila did not let me down by keeping right up with everyone!

Twila Merrill stays caught up with the group!
By the time we stopped for lunch Twila was tired and glad for a rest. She stood very well tied with the others and got a rest while we ate lunch! It was so pretty that some people even relaxed enough to catch some short shut eye time!
Twila and Tucker resting at the lake and lunch break.
On the way home we split into two groups. The short ride back and the longer ride back. Debbie and I where the short ride but we took a wrong road and ended up going about just as far back.  About half way home Debbie's mule spooked at something and spun around and off she went. Right when that happened June's mule did the same thing and off she went too.  Both ladies were ok, luckily!
I jumped off of Twila and was able to get a hold of Tucker but June's mule took of, perhaps chasing the other group. I looked at Debbie and asked her if she wanted to ride Twila back and I would ride Tucker home. It took her no time to say and definitive "YES!"
The other mules was caught by another horse group, as we rode home. Debbie has a nice but very slow ride home on the tired Twila! But she never stopped and never refused to go!
I was so impressed with that Donkey!

That night we had a great dinner cooked by Stacey and we huddled around the camp fire as the wind kicked up!  It rained some that next morning and was still pretty cold, so most of us headed home. We hated to leave but I think I was out of Donkey Power for the weekend!  But I was sure proud of Twila! 

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