Monday, December 31, 2012

Kellie & Sadie Mae Meet

After the loss of my friends Mark and Jeanette Lee's daughters special mule Sophie, due to colic, I offered to let Kellie borrow Sadie Mae till they could find her a new mule to ride.  So the day after Thanksgiving Jeanette, her sister Lynette and Kellie made the trip to spend the day with Sadie Mae and see if things would work out.
We started with a good grooming to help Kellie get comfortable being around her. We checked to see if Kellie's saddle would fit Sadie and is was a perfect fit!
How many ladies does it take to pick out Sadie's foot? 
Next I taught Kellie how to lead Sadie and yield her hind-quarters for respect. Kellie being only 8 years old and Sadie Mae being 18 years old and 1,200 pounds, really needed to respect and listen to Kellie! She caught right on how to do it, and Sadie snapped to attention each time she did it, so I felt like they were off to a really good start!
Little Kellie leading Sadie Mae! 
We rode around in the pasture to let Kellie get a feel for Sadie. She stepped her over one of the logs and  down the small step. Jeanette rode Twila and I rode Seven so we could be right there to help her if needed. Really Jeanette was the one who needed a little help with Twila. Jeanette laughed and laughed as Twila sort of slowly did not go where she wanted her to, but they got it all worked out in the end!
Off we go! Kellie and Sadie in the lead! 
After lunch we headed out on to the trail. Christina had also brought over her horse Oakley and she joined us on the trail too. We had a great time and Lynette took these great photos of us as we came up my neighbors drive way!
 Kellie and Sadie Mae
 Shannon and Seven
 Jeanette and Twila 
Christina and Oakley

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