Monday, September 24, 2012

Wonderful Day With Friends & Long Ears!

 Always a good view from between Twila's Donkey Ears!!

It was a beautiful day! Reed brought Ted her mule over and Christina came over to ride Seven on a trail ride. I took Twila out for our 4th ride and 3rd trail ride. She just keeps getting better each time!

We had a nice relaxing ride for about 2 1/2 hours. Twila showed me again why I love big saddle donkeys! A deer jumped out right in front of Twila and then ran along side and jumped into the woods again. She just stopped and looked at it! I gave her a big hug for that!  She crossed the rain road tracks, two ditches and jumped a small creek!

Christina did great with Seven and even got him up into his little gaited walk and Reed even got Ted to trot out on the trail a bit!

After we returned from the ride we went out for an early dinner to Christina's favorite Mexican place!
Wonderful and great day with my good Human and Long Ear Friends! Can't beat that! 

Seven and Christina

Reed and Ted

Twila and Shannon in the Woods.

Twila and Shannon

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