Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome Twila Merrill

I was offered a wonderful Donkey in need of a home. My friend gave her to me after needing to cut down to just a few head of equine. I have known about this donkey and really liked her for a while so when he asked me if I would like he, I said "YES!"  Debbie went with me the next day and we picked her up. She was just given a bath the day before but was still pretty hairy! We was better looking than I remembered and got right on the trailer when asked!  She is 8-9 years old, 14.1 hands and broke to ride and maybe to drive too! 
When we got home Seven and Navarre were excited to see the new arrival. Especially Navarre! She hung out in the side paddock till evening, just walking around and checking things out. Then when it cooled off I turned her out with everyone. Navarre and Seven greeted her and then went back to their hay. Sadie acted a little Jealous and ran her off a few time but nothing mad. 
I let her settle in for a day or two and then got the clipper out! She had a bunch of long white hair on her belly and a ton under her chin. She stood well for getting clipped and looked like she had a make over once I got done with her! 
On Wednesday I tacked her up and lead her around while helping Caroline (who was visiting with her horse Mike) with a lesson. Then I mounted up and we took a little ride around the pasture before just hanging out at the top of the hill in the riding area. She did well, seems a touch rusty and did not like the bit I used but other wise was great!  
So later this week I will find her a better bit and maybe we can ride a little more! 
So excited to have her here at at the St. Clair Red Mule Farm! 

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