Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Fun at Grayson Highlands!

I don't think I have laughed that much in a long time! Had a great trip to Grayson Highlands with the Carolina Mule Association, this year. Tara and I got up there on Tuesday and spend the afternoon setting up camp and resting with my friend Barry. 

Wednesday I got to sleep in some because I was feeling sick with a cough and cold, but the three of us still managed to get in a relaxing five hour ride.

Thursday we rode out with Jays group and rode up Wilson Creek to the Bear Pen for another five hour loop. Each night it got cool and we had a great camp fire! The weather each day threatened to storm on us but it never did rain too much. So lucky in that respect. I then got Tara sick! Sorry Tara!

On Friday I rode with a small group of eight and we stayed out for nine hours. As we rode to The Saddle we watched a cloud come over the divide between the two peaks, soon we were riding up into that cloud. We then rode over the back of the hill and down into the woods and out of the cloud. We came out on a back country road and then rode back up through a Christmas Tree Farm. It was a long climb but Seven handled it really well. It was so pretty at the top and we stopped to take lots of photos! On the rocks in the trees near the top we spotted a Bob Cat who, had apparently been sitting and watching us climb the whole hill! He was amazing looking as he got up and slowly sauntered away from us. After goofing off and resting the mules we had more climbing to do, and then the ride home! What a day, but it really did not seem long, because we were having so much fun!

Saturday was the big group ride day. We broke into two groups and then met up again at Rhododendron Gap. We ended up with 26 mules in the group! I got a chance to pull over and video tape everyone going by! We lunched at The Scales and then 11 of us broke off for a longer ride. That night we had a big pot luck dinner over and Jay and Annette's place and then a CMA board/member meeting.

Sunday Tara and I rode out with a few other for about 4 hours. We rode a loop and had lunch and ice cream at the Camp Store. A nice easy ride to finish off our trip!

I was so proud of Seven on this trip. Not only did he never tire out but he did not spook at anything. He put up with all my jackets, rain coats, etc being moved around on him. Best of all he worked all those scary, very hard to work gates, even helping me hold them open for the whole group to go through. Something that he did not have the confidence to do just a few short years ago!
Plus he got me home safe!
Thank You Seven! 

Link to the Movie I made from the trip:
 Small Group coming in from the scales.
In a Cloud on The Saddle! 

 Seven grazing at Lunch.
Top of the Christmas Tree Climb! So beautiful!

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