Friday, July 6, 2012

Lure Coursing!

On June 10th Levi and I went with Molly and her dog Mandy to a Lure Coursing Competition! It was great fun and next time I will get Levi entered for real!  Two white bags get pulled across a course on a flat field for the dogs to chase. They are timed and get points taken away if they take any short cuts!
Mostly Greyhounds and those type of breeds do this sport but it has become popular for shorter breeds and non-hunting breeds too.
Here is a video link:
Levi is the last dog to go, this was his second try at it and I think did pretty well.  Molly and Mandy did the course in 23 seconds on Saturday and 27 seconds on Sunday! She is the third dog to go!

There was a lady there selling big dog beds at a very good price. So I got Levi a bed to help train him with for the living room! After all that running he sure enjoyed it that night!

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