Friday, December 2, 2011

Helping out at the Race Track

Lawson called me and asked if I could come on Saturday to help out with a few of his horses in training. One young horse is ready to start training for speed but had not been in the company of others on the track. Cara and her horse Ribs came, and Kassandra rode the barns pony horse.

We got out on the track and Lawson had us move around, in front, behind, and beside him. He also moved the horse near to and away from us. It was important that our horses not make aggressive faces at the new horse nor turn our rear end at him. This could cause the horse's first experience to go badly and cause him to be unsure about being bold in a group of running horses, which is not good for a racehorse. The horse did great! Never acted troubled by the other horses and mule on the track with him! Mission Accomplished!

Seven very tired and also, because of the warm weather, soaked in sweat. I caught him several times wanting to lie down!

Then Lawson said he had one more that he wanted to ask me to try with Seven to work with.
Uh oh! What does that mean?

He explained the one of his customers had bought a well-bred racehorse but it was started under saddle incorrectly and gets very scared. Oh, by the way, it likes to stop, pull back, and then flip over! First we started in the round pen with me just ponying the gray around. That was going well, so Lawson got on. Things got a little hairy, and the horse tried to push Seven around as it got scared. But Seven just listened to me and pushed back. He never put on an ugly face or got mad at the horse, which is what the poor scared guy needed.

Soon, we were doing so well Lawson suggested that we go out onto the track! We took our time and tried to pretend we were about to go on a trail ride. Seven stayed relaxed and then so did the Grey horse. We went the whole way around and then another half way before turning around to come out. Lawson later told me all the problems the horse has had from being started so badly.
I got off and Seven got a much deserved roll in the stable dust and then a bath with warm water!
He sure earned a Gold Star today!

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