Monday, December 19, 2011

Benefit Trail Obstacle Race Day

Seven and I left for another Trail Obstacle Race Day with our friend Christina and her horse Oakley. This event had gone from being just a fun day to a benefit, raise-all-the-money-you-can day!

About a month ago, Brock Griffith had an injury while training a horse and had to have surgery on his neck. His wife Leisha Griffith was able to step in and train the horses while he was laid up. But then Bad Luck stuck again! Leisha was stepped on by her horse in an accident, leaving her with a compound fracture in her lower leg. She had to have emergency surgery on it and will need two or three more. I have not known Brock and Leisha for long, but I have been so impressed with what great people they are, and also great horsemen!

Tons of people came to watch and to compete, so we had 33 adults and 6 kids in the Trail Race. There was also an auction of donated items, bakery items for sale, and a Christmas money tree too! There was a lot going on, and it was great fun. Everyone one was so nice, and it was fun to walk around and meet so many new and nice people!

Seven and I signed up for the race, and we went first! Oh boy, talk about some pressure! Seven crossed the water willingly and jumped the banks with lots of forward motion, but it seemed to me he needed a little more steering than normal. Then he pushed the ball very well, came down to the logs, and went through the cowboy curtain quickly.
When we came to the three jumps. He started out at a trot and took the first one well, he landed and picked up a nice canter, so I said to myself, OK lets roll with this.
Well with each jump he built up some speed, and when we landed he took off! I picked up the reins and "nobody was home!" so I relaxed and let him run a few more strides and then got him stopped. Boy was I embarrassed!
I got him turned around and he worked the Mail Box, Big Tire, and Teeter Totter bridge well!

I was not too pleased with our run and assumed we would not even be placing, but everyone said it looked really good. Well, I learned I am way too critical of my mule! We ended up in second place and won a nice fleece blanket!

Christina, Reed, Mary, Lareen, and lots of other friends all went and had a good time, too. Christina had so much fun that she wants to come back for the next one!

My new friend, Mary Miller Jordan, was also there with her Project Mustang Magic Carpet Ride. She has only had her for about 60 days, but she did a great job going through the course. Mary and her other Mustang Lindsay's Faith were 2011 Winners of the America's Favorite Trail Horse Competition which was seen by millions! She is very talented working with these mustangs and she will be taking Magic to a mustang competition coming up in January in Texas!

The great news was that $3,700 was raised in one day! Along with lots of other things that the Griffith's needed being brought for them! We'll all send prayers that Brock heals quickly and Leisha's surgeries go well!

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