Monday, December 5, 2011

Corgi's in the Middleburg Christmas Parade

For years, a group of Corgis and their owners have shown up and marched in the Virginia Christmas Parade in Middleburg, Virginia. Everyone dresses up their dogs and wears a sign around their neck with their dog's name on it! For years I have wanted to come up and join in on the fun with Mom and Dylan!

On Friday, Mom's dog Dylan got sick, and she had to take him in for a surgery to remove his spleen and a tumor on Saturday. So poor Dylan had to miss the parade this year! Mom and I visited him Saturday morning before his surgery, and we waited to hear how things would go.
We got to Middleburg, and it was overrun with people as expected. We found the drop-off place, and Mom stood with Levi while I found a place to park. As I arrived back to the drop-off place, more and more Corgis were arriving! What fun to be in such a big group! Levi was running around and meeting all the dogs he could. He found several that were willing to play with him, too. We even found another Corgi who had one blue eye, too, just like Levi!

My friend Amy got there with her dog, Tony "two toes" and it was so nice to see her and visit for awhile. Mom walked down ahead of the parade to get a good spot for photos and soon it was our turn to go. Levi did really well, he was not afraid of anything, not even the loud bands and crazy floats. We walked along the side of the people and tons of kids reached down to pet Levi! One time he got a butterscotch in his mouth and I had to stop and get that away from him!

The parade was soon over and so began the long hike back to the cars! Amy has a baby carriage for Tony -- because of his bum foot, he can't walk that far on concrete, so she had to push him!

Mom and I got in a line to get out of town but the line never moved! We sat and sat and finally had to just turn around and go out another way. I really surprised myself and remembered all the old back roads to get through Middleburg and even took us past the farm where I lived one summer with my horse trainer!

We also got great news later that day that Dylan's surgery had gone well and he was recovering well!

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