Monday, September 19, 2011

South Mountain State Park CMA Ride

Tara & Seven!
Teddy the Lipstick artist at work! How did he get so good with that Lipstick anyway?
Sadie Mae's fancy make-up job!

I picked up Tara at the Truck Stop at 7:30 AM for a ride and a break from life we both needed! We headed off for South Mountains State Park and got so involved in talking that we drove right by the exit for the new way to South Mountains, so we just laughed and went on to the other exit! We rode out with Holly, Max and Lu around 12:30. It was the first really cool day we have had all summer and as we neared the ridge we found that non of us had brought enough clothing for the nearly 30 degree drop in regular temperature. Everyone but me put on their rain slickers and that cut the wind and kept them warm!
Once we returned a warm soup, grilled cheese on sour dough bread and a warm blanket was the end of Tara for the night! I went over and enjoyed some desserts and a warm camp fire.
The next morning we tacked up and Tara complained of a tendon in her thigh that was hurting. So I told her to give Seven and his saddle a try and see if that felt better. It did and so we decided to ride that way the rest of the day. Little did I know that this would cause such a stir in the group. When we rode up to join in, everyone commented on Tara riding Seven. Saying, "What's going on here?", "You mean Shannon is not going to ride Seven?" Who knew? Funny!
We had a great ride that day. It was chilly but we enjoyed the nearly 15 or so mile ride! Tara did a great job with Seven or was that Seven did a great job for Tara, but both did well together!
On top of one of the overlooks Teddy found some lip stick that someone had dropped. He was so excited when he opened it and it was nearly full! He stared by drawing with it on Jane's horse Val but he is black so it did not show up too much. Then he went to write something on Holly's mule but she lifted her leg each time he got near her. So I offered up Sadie Mae and her Mealy colored nose! He draw a circle around one eye, lighting bolts down each side of her nose and then the head of a mule right on the front of her nose. Then with just a little left he wrote CMA on Lu's appaloosa mule's white rear end. We never know what Teddy is going to do next!

Bruce and Holly, hosts of the ride had stew and dinner for everyone. We had a great warm dinner and sat by a big camp fire till I actually fell asleep in my chair! After a warm shower, more hay for the mules it was time for sleep!
The next morning we decided to skip the Sunday ride. In all the years I have been with the mule club I think this is only the second Sunday ride I have missed. The first was to go to Tn. to buy Navarre! Tara cooked a great breakfast with eggs, hash browns, sausage and tea. It was almost worth not riding for that good breakfast! We waved the mule riders off and headed back to town! I wanted to go home early and pick up my new puppy too!

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