Friday, July 8, 2011

Time for a Horse Show!

At the last minute I found out I would be able to attend the next East Coast Open Horse Show in Williamston, NC. Only problem was it was only just days away and I haven not practiced any show ring stuff in month! I decided that I would go and just have fun and make the best of it! Jennifer and her horse Deuce decided to join us! I had Judged there on April and found they had a division called Working Western and thought it would be perfect for me to show Seven in.
Saturday morning, I came out and was about to load up when I noticed the tire on the left side of my trailer was FLAT! It was not like that the day before? What happened? On close inspection I found a nail. So I called Equi-Pass to come and change it. We had to call the show and tell them we are coming but going to be late since they want everyone to be entered by 8AM. Once the guys showed up they went right to work and I was on my way to pick up Jennifer!
Our first class was a in-hand trail and then two trail classes. They have the arena set and a Judge over there for you can go and run your course any time between 9am and 4pm. So we knocked those classes out first so we could be ready for the Working Western Classes.
I decided that my toy stuffed animal Possum had not been out for a ride in a long time, so he joined us for a ride. Seven rode well in the big classes. He stayed soft in the mouth and was a little fast at first but he soon settled in! We placed 8th in the Command Class! Then we got a call back in a big Ladies Western Class! I had a great time talking to everyone and Seven was admired many times! It was a fun day, but now back to more trail riding!

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