Friday, July 8, 2011

De-Spooking Clinic

Lillian, our instructor and her monkey Child!

Tara and I attended a De-Spooking Clinic on July 3rd at Lillian's place in Rocky Mount on Sunday July 3rd. Everyone had a good time! I brought Sadie for Rob to ride and Tara brought her new mule named Jesse. I let Tara ride Seven in the first part of the clinic. This is were they do formation riding, which helps later when the spooky objects start coming out. Tara said she had never done that before and said it was great fun! The group started with a pool noodle obstacle. Seven was not sure about his new rider and really unsure about Lillian standing there holding part of the obstacle. Tara supported him so well he soon was going right next to Lillian, never mind the pool noodles.
On one of the trips through Seven did really well. I saw Tara say something to him and give him a pad on the neck! Seven lowered his head, his eye softened and he had this look of a small smile on his face, as if to say "I was good!". I guess he does that a lot but I have never seen it because I am usually on his back!
Tara's mule Jesse is really sweet and neat looking too! He is spotted and has a big white blaze, black around his eye but has huge white eye lashes. I did some work with him in the round pen and we fixed up his tack. After lunch Tara rode him around and he did great!
Lillian rode a Colonial Spanish Mustang named Ruby, that she has just started under saddle. Neat horse! She liked to play with the ball!
Several of the other participants had some neat horses too! I took a ton of photos for everyone.
Thanks Lillian, we had such a good time! It was so hot but Lillian kept us as cool as possible with lots of water and breaks!
Tara and Seven take on the Pool Noodles!
Rob and Sadie Mae taking a rest!Tara introduces Jesse to the Giant Soccer Ball!
Tara and Seven ride over the Mattresses! Check out all the 90 degree angles is Seven's back leg!
Jennifer B. and her super nice TWH Mare!
Lillian riding Ruby the Spanish Mustang!

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