Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The horse that has been boarding with me, I guess came into heat, as she was acting witchy over the weekend. Mom and Dad were getting ready to leave on Monday morning when Mom heard a bunch of squealing and kicking in the stalls. She looked over and the horse had Sadie pinned in the corner and was kicking her but good. Poor Sadie got scraped up and kicked a bunch! Mom called me and then got the horse into the separate paddock (Where she is going to STAY from now on). Got Sadie in the yard to eat some grass. That calmed her down (She had been pawing and was stressed). Mom washed the cuts out and put some stuff on it for me. Mom said there was blood pouring down her leg. Lisa W. came by later in the day to check on Sadie for me! Mom did a great job but I wanted a horse person to put her eyes on Sadie before I got home that evening. Thanks Lisa!!!
I washed out the cuts again that evening. There was only two that were really chunks of skin missing and one that I had to cut a little dead skin off of. She is majorly skinned up though, around her brand, stifle area and right above the hock. She also got kicked some on the other side. She will be sore and I am thinking her hock might stock up some on her left side but she doesn't seem too sore this morning. Thankfully no joints where punched.
The horse's owner was so upset that happened and told me that if I needed to keep her in lock down that would be just fine. This is the first mule I have ever owned to get this scraped up and injured like this, that has been over 12 years!
I am great full that this happened now and not the week before our Grayson trip! I am also great full that it seems to be all flesh wounds, that will heal and not joint injuries!

Email Prayer from my friend Bessie:
Father, I ask, in the precious name of Jesus, that Sadie Mae will heal just fine for the ride. Keep her wounds from becoming infected and problematic. May she also heal emotionally, Father, because these things can become rooted in a mule's mind. Thank you, Lord, that you hear our prayers and do answer them. In Jesus' Name, amen.
Judy R. emailed and said:
Oh, as for Horse Love Gone Wrong-a lot of people get involved in that too!

The next day Sadie was sore but she was still very good for my Farrier Kevin the next day. He needed to put shoes on all four feet this time for the Grayson Trip coming up on Aug. 9th.

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, I am SO glad that Sadie is healing so well. She was wonderful to ride this past weekend at Leatherwood. Thank you for allowing me this honor! Tollie Mitchell, Burgaw, NC