Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend at Bev's House!

Bev on Sadie and Shannon on Seven!
View from the front of Bev's house!
View Sadie had while grazing!
Here are some photos we took at Bev Jernigans house last weekend! She is on top of a hill with West Jefferson below her. It was nice a cool and breezy all weekend! She has such a pretty view every where you looked! The one place she can't see the mountains is her friend Cheryl's place. She doesn't even need air conditioning because of the nice breeze all summer!

Only problem we had was that I could not get my big horse trailer up the steep driveway. Had more to do with one sharp turn rather than how steep it was. So I parked the trailer in the Senior Center's parking lot at the bottom of the hill and we rode the mules up and down!

We had a good time Saturday and stopped by The Cabin Store, a natural Fiber Yarn Shop that was incredible and the Farmers Market. Charles the Ashe County Extension agent and friend of mine was doing a demo on sheep shearing. Nancy the Yarn shop owner had her pet Angora Rabbit there and I got to hold him. I love am in love, it is like holding a cloud!

Saturday afternoon we washed the mules off and then I got to take a nap while they where drying! Bev has a nice covered area on the side of her barn to tie the mules. We took the mules over to the show arena where quite a few others where also riding! I took Sadie and about five different people rode her around while I practiced on Seven. One of Sadie's riders was the 82 year old father of the show manager. He looked like he was having a ball! When we got home that evening we rode the mules back up the hill again!

Sunday I got to sleep in till 9:30 and then Bev's husband Millard kindly made us breakfast! After a ride back down the drive way and them a drive over to the show grounds we started the show at 2PM. Sadie and Seven stood politely tied to the side of the trailer. We left for home at 8PM.
Thanks Bev for your hospitality!!

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