Thursday, June 11, 2009

Logging at DuPont Forest!

Teddy Royal described some of the weekend in the best way so I decided to use part of his story about the weekend.
The Forest Rangers and the Friends of Dupont invited us to camp at the horse barn in exchange for 4 hours of volunteer work on the trails. On this trip we planned on dragging out 22 foot Locust logs that they wanted to build fences. We met up with Ranger Bruce and Ranger David on Mine Mountain trail, where there were about 12 logs waiting. It didn’t take but a few minutes to determine whom the lumberjacks and loggers were. Marty’s mule Deb disappeared over the side of the mountain with a log chasing her. She lost the log way down the hill but kept going and was found down on the paved road. Shannon’s mule Seven had trouble with Shannon staying on her feet, so he decided to drag the log and Shannon down the hill and back around to the starting point. I think the log rolled over Shannon at some point, because she was covered with dirt. Seven was OK and continued to pull logs throughout the day. (Teddy)

Yes, I did get run over with a log! Lucky for me it was a smaller one! I was covered in scrubs of dirt and bark all over! I was smart enough to keep my riding helmet on! Bob said I should have borrowed his riding vest too!
We hooked to our first log and and started down the steep hill. Let me just say that the Ranger told me they just got 1 inch of rain in the last 24 hours and there where sticks and leaves all over the place. Seven pulled nicely and as we headed in to the S-curve down hill to the log landing area I slid and landed on my rear end! By the time I got up Seven had shot forward a few feet and I had to get around a tree. I turned him hard to the left and he did as asked and then I tripped again on some other logs. About this time the log just started rolling over me! Ack!
Everything happened so fast but it did seem like the 14 or so foot log took a long time to roll over me! I kind of just kept rolling with it.

Seven picked up a trot with the log and went over the hill. I caught my breath and found that I still had all my body parts so I took off after him! He went down a steep him and down on to a trail, still with log in tow! Bruce also caught up with us!
With Bruce leading and my driving we went up the trail and found a shorter place to get up the hill and back to where we started! Seven hauled the log up with no problem. We went right by the place where we picked up the log in the first place and brought it down with no problem. Seven and I just needed a little extra help from Bruce! After a rest we did some more logs but boy was I sore and tired!

Kenny Tynall ( with Mary and Jane where the stars of the show! They did majority of the logs and stood solid while the ranger cut more trees down right next to them!

Saturday we went on a wonderful ride past the Triple Falls and several other water falls.
Kenny had an exciting time trying to get by some of the big rocks on one of the trails with his trail wagon but Mary and Jane did exactly what Kenny told them and they never lost their cool!
Stacey Sims and Bruce put together a Community Chile Pot! Everyone who wants to eat brings a can of Chile! It was so good! Once we had our fill we moved to the camp fire Blue had started and was treated for the second time this trip to Ice Cream from Teddy and Luann and Peach Cobbler made by Blue Friday night and Stacey on Saturday night! Thanks to all!

Sunday about 1/2 the group left for home. The group of about 9 took off on some of the back trails and had a spectacular ride! Mountain Laural, creeks, views and at several points the only thing you could hear was the mules moving through the woods!

Head Forest Ranger David who visited with us several times, asked for us to come back another time. He promised me that the next log skidding adventure would be on more level ground!

Many thanks to my good friends Holly and Bruce Fisher for coordinating all this and being great hosts!

Seven's ears and the mountain Laural.

Bev and Sadie Mae with the covered bridge.

Blue and Shannon, Triple Falls, (Second Honeymoon Photo)

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