Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clown in a Donkey's Body?

Navarre is such a Clown! He is always doing silly things!
Chester's eye was bothered and swollen, so I treated it and put a fly mask on him! Well Navarre pulled that thing off in about 10 seconds and ran off with it! I had to put Chester in the stall to keep the mask on him!
The next afternoon I took the fly mask off and laid it on the stall door while I looked at his eye (which is all better now) Next thing I knew Navarre grabbed the fly mask and took off with it! Half running with it and half running from it! Then he stopped and spun around fast like a reining horse three times with the fly mask waving around! He then dropped it and proceeded to spook at it!
He is such a character!!
Then this morning he was in the feeding stall. He put his head over the top rail to see what I was doing with Chester. I looked over at him and had to laugh! His lower lip was hanging down and you could see his red gums. He looked like he had a big grin on his face from his lip drooping! I guess I need to just keep my camera on me at all times while I am around him!

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