Friday, May 22, 2009

Mom meets Navarre

Mom came down for a visit and got to meet Navarre! He was very good for his photo session and mom commented on how soft his hair is and how sweet and cute he is!
Thanks to everyone who came to help this weekend with reflattening out Chester's stall and mats. Kayla, Patty, Mom, Jane and I worked very hard on it. It took four of us to get the mats back in and squared up. At least now Chester can stand on a level matted stall!
We also had time to body clip Sadie Mae and Jane's horse Val. He has never looked so black!
Jane and Kayla had the energy to take a ride. I took a shower to get all the extra hair off me.
We had a nice ladies lunchen with Jane's Mom, my Mom and Mrs. Frances Croom as out special guests!

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