Friday, February 15, 2013

Trip to visit Holly & Bruce

On January 18th I picked up Tara and her mule Jesse and we headed South and West to Columbus, NC for a visit with Holly and Bruce! We hit traffic and were pretty punchy by the time we got to the Brown Mule Saloon at 12:30AM!!
The next morning was cold but beautiful and thing soon warmed up. We trailered over to our other mule friend's Steve and Sandra's place that backs up to Hog Mountain! As we headed up the mountain it kept getting warmer and warmer, so nice for January! Steve stopped the group in an area where there are piles of large rocks all up the side of a hill. It is said the Indians in the area put them there, but no one is sure why.  We had a super ride with lots of pretty views and a good climb for the mules!
Sunday morning Ron took us over to a private community that has a wonderful trail system. There are all different types of trails and even a waterfall!
We had a great dinner at a local restaurant in Landrum, SC, and even fit in some shopping!
Monday we rode with Ron again and put in another good ride with great friends!
I just wish Holly and I lived a little closer!!

Shannon & Seven with Tara and Jesse at the Waterfall! 

Shannon and Seven enjoying the pretty day! 

The group at the Mountain View! 

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