Friday, February 15, 2013

Trip to Leatherwood for Mule Day's Planning Meeting

Of course we had to bring the Mule and Horse and do some riding while we where up at Leatherwood Mountains!!  
Christina and I made most the trip and pulled off to get some gas where I apparently picked up a nasty piece of scrap metal in one of my trucks tires.  We called Leatherwood and they directed up to Myers Tire Service! With a little luck they got us back on the road with in 35 minutes and it always cost me $18! I was very concerned because the tire was brand new, but they did a patch from inside the tire and it is like new!! They did an awesome job, so here is their card!

Running late we finally got there and got Seven and Oakley settled into their stalls.  Abbie and I sat down with Christina and Bev (who came down to help) and we went through everything like crazy! Got a lot of things squared away and settled for Mule Days at Leatherwood on March 29-31st.  We are so excited about this event because at this time the whole place is booked and we are going to have 125 equines and people from over 9 States coming! 

After the meeting Christina and I headed out for a short trail ride before dark and then enjoyed a super nice dinner at the Saddlebrook Restaurant!  I had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, so good! 

The next morning it was a little cold but we had a nice warm breakfast again at the Saddlebrook. We ran into Jay and Steve coming in for a day ride with their mules too!  We headed out for several hours and had another really nice ride!  
Can't wait to come back!!  

Jay and Steve heading out! 
Seven on Tricky Creek Trail! 

Christina and Oakley! 

Shannon and Seven at the Over look area! 

Turkeys in the horse pasture on Sunday Morning, there was about 25 of them! 

I had to include this photo! The horse PHOTO BOMBED my photo of the Turkeys! 

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