Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend with Mom!

Mom came down for a weekend visit, to go watch me and Seven compete at the Denton Trail Obstacle Race. She came in on Friday and helped me get packed and ready to go. Then we got up way too early and drive to Denton. I introduced her to all the friends and people there and she commented how nice everyone was. Mom took photos of me and also Rebecca and Mimi on the course!  Seven and I had a good ride and got 3rd place!
 Seven crossing the bridge with ramps on each side.
Seven doing the Pin Wheel Obstacle. You hold the end of the board and balance the other end of the top of the barrel and ride a circle around with it. NOT EASY!

Sunday morning we got kind of a late start after resting all morning, but we had a productive afternoon. We ran around to the Dump and other places, then stopped by and picked out pallets. I needed to rebuild a part of the fence that the mules had knocked over in the sheep pen. I had seen several photos of people using pallets standing on end to make a small livestock fence. It took us about 3-4 hours but we got it done! It doesn't look to bad either!  Thanks for your help and supervision MOM! 
Now all I have to do is Convince the Sheep to go in! Easier said than done! 

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