Monday, August 20, 2012

Trail Ride With Friends!

Sunday August 12th it was finally not raining and finally not over 100 degrees with 100% humidity! So Debbie brought her mule Tucker over and Belinda brought her TN Walking horse Jasper for a trail ride! We rode a for a little in the pasture and did some ground work before heading out! We took a quite relaxing ride that even Seven settled into. The bugs were not too bad for August! We went by my farmer friend's place to get photo of in front of the sunflowers he is growing!
 Belinda & Jasper
Debbie & Tucker
While heading across to the big lake behind my house, Belinda noticed an iPhone in the grass. I picked it up and even though it was soaking wet it was still sort of working! So we rode over to the Moss's house to give it to them. I was sure it belonged to one of the boys in the neighborhood who rides their four wheelers in that area!
When we got home Henry was there with his parents Bev and Will for a visit! They even brought a water melon for the mules! Henry started out with a pony ride on Seven, by Seven was not too keen on Henry's bright red cowboy boots! So we pulled out, good ole, Sadie Mae! Later Sadie made a mess of herself and make us laugh when she drooled all over the place while eating water melon!

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