Friday, June 15, 2012

Pilot Mountain Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend Aimee and Tollie came up to my house, as well as Molly. We all took off for their land near Pilot Mountain for some mule riding and creek swimming!  We got there and started dinner once we got settled. Tara arrived with her two mules just before dark!
The next day we went on a ride through the Yadkin River to an Island with about 1 hour of trails! The then headed back to camp were we rode some more and then did some rafting in the big creek along their property. The dogs, Mandy and Levi also had a wonderful time! We ate well both nights, with gourmet food!
Monday morning we took our time to pack up. Mandy looked out the window and handed Seven a carrot! It was so funny! We hauled the mules over to another area of he trails. We rode for about 2 1/2 hours and then headed home from there.
It was a wonderful weekend, everyone had a great time!

Check out the videos I made from out trip:
Muley Memorial Day Weekend

Mandy's Big Weekend (Dog's Video)

On the way home, for the first time in all my travels, we had to pull over on the side of an exit ramp for an emergency! Can you guess what that emergency was?  A HUGE SPIDER!!!  Tollie save the day by killing it! It was under the visor on the front passengers side seat.  I was laughing hysterically during the hole thing, but I also got out of the truck because I did not want that spider jumping on me either.  
We decided that all those people you see pulled off the side of the ride and diving out of their cars, must be running from a spider!!!  Wish I had a video of that too!!

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