Friday, June 15, 2012

The Dreaded Teeter Totter!

Seven had been getting a little uneasy on the Teeter Totters at the trail competitions so I took him up to see our friend James Lamm!  James has Rocky the trick mule and does shows with him. He has Rocky lay down on a tarp, jump into the back of a pick up truck and stand up on pedestals!

Many years ago I was at a parade and Seven and I were riding back to the trailer. We got near this man who was standing in the street next to a truck. Seven stopped in his tracks and gave a hard look at James. So I introduced ourselves to him, I had to Seven had pretty much already stopped and said, "Who are you?" We have been friends ever since.

For those of you who know Seven personally, you know that he is a little stand offish and unsure of new people or someone who moves quickly and is very animated.  Well not around James. He acts so calm and relaxed, he just lets James do any thing with him or to him! It still just amazes me!

So James helped us work on the Teeter Totter to prepare for the Trail Obstacle Race coming up this Saturday! That was my main goal for the course this time, was to make it over the Teeter Totter with out loosing any points!  We shall see if James has worked his magic!

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