Monday, February 6, 2012

A visit from my Burgaw Friends!

Reed and Ted, Aimee and Henry, Amy and Fiona, Caroline and Mike,
-Sadie Mae and Tollie, WAY IN BACK!

Aimee and Tollie dropped Henry the Mule and Mike the Horse off at my place, Friday afternoon. They then headed to Chapel Hill and picked up Caroline from college. We then met at my office and headed over to the Draft Horse Pull at the Hunt Horse Complex. It was a great show with a coon jump, wagons and farm equipment, and a mounted shooting demonstration, too!
They had about 20 teams for the Draft Horse Pull. It was neat to look at all the different teams from NC, PA, KY, and TN! I also ran into a lot of mule friends! We did not stay the whole time, but the winning team pulled 11,500 pounds. When we left, some of the teams were pulling 9,500 pounds like it was nothing!

The next morning, we headed over to the training Race Track. Seven was going to work with Gray Boy, and we added a few extra people on the track. Gray did really well and cantered longer and farther than he has before. Poor Seven was exhausted, but we were so pleased with Gray Boy's progress.

Here is a link to the video that Aimee took for me!

When we got home, Reed with her mule Ted and her friend Amy with her horse Fiona were already there. We all tacked up and rode around the obstacles and the pasture.
Tollie and Reed strike a pose with Reed's super cool water box!
Reed and Ted the BIG Mule!
Amy and Princess Fiona

A little later, we headed out for a short trail ride. After a short rest, Seven was raring to go on the trail ride! It was a great group that rode well together, but it started raining after only 45 minutes or so. We headed back and quickly untacked and put everyone in their paddocks.
Aimee had made a beef stew and Reed brought a Jalapeno dip. We dug into that while the stew heated up! It was fun to watch the videos on the camera from that morning. We visited and had a great time till about 5pm. After Reed and Amy headed home, we decided that a nap was in order. I slept till 7pm and could have slept all night but for the mules needing to be fed. The four of us then went out for pizza. Sunday was a total loss for riding. It was still wet from the rain the night before and as the morning went on, the temperature dropped down to 40 degrees. We decided that we were not going to go out and ride in that, so we just rested, and watched Swamp People on TV!

Everyone got packed and loaded and headed out around 2pm. I rested until my friend Bev Cash called and let me know she was on her way! She and her four-year old son Henry arrived around 5pm. He played with Levi and then we let Levi chase the sheep around the pasture. Henry ran all over the pasture, too! We then feed the mules and had some hot chocolate before they headed home!

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