Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Race Horse, Trail Ride Weekend!

Last weekend was a little more exciting than I was originally planning!!!

I went down to The Moss Foundation with race horse trainer Lawson Walston and Maddison. Seven and I chased around two race horses on their workout. We were supposed to be the calming influence and the calm leader for them. Both horses did really well! We sped around The Moss for about an hour and 45 minutes. Seven was exhausted and we all got a good workout......
While on the ride, we came across some people driving around cleaning out the bird boxes on The Moss. The driver jumped out and wanted to pet Seven and give him some cookies. She and her friends were very excited to see a mule.
Sunday, I took Sadie Mae over to Pilot to ride with The Pilot Guys. Last weekend, my friend Reed and I had gone over to ride with them but no one showed up. It was 48 degrees and a little misty, but it was not that bad. Reed and I took the mule home and rode for three hours! Reed renamed the group, The Powder Puff Pilot Boys, after last weekend.

I took great joy in telling my friend Jerry the new name of the group! He found it very entertaining!

We had a good ride with about 15 people. To get to part of the trails, we have to ride over an overpass highway 64. It was very scary the first time I did it, but now it is old hat to my mules.
Sadie earned some more cookies by not even reacting when she got her back leg tangled in a huge vine. She just stopped, tried to go again, but then just stopped again. She stood still while I dismounted and picked up her back foot to get the vine off! Most horses would have flipped out! I then went to remount. It was a very flat area with no stumps, so I got close to a tree to use the roots! As I was pulling up, my right foot brushed the tree, so I started pushing on it to get up!

Later in the ride we came to a big open field. I was riding a few feet away from Will and his Appy Mule. Before I knew it, the mule had stopped and swung its hips around and double-barrel kicked at us twice! Sadie just kind of stood there as if to say "hey, what did you do that for?" I got hit in the ankle by the mule's hock on the first kick and then he got me on the outside of my calf about 3 inches below the knee. Ouch! That hurt! Jerry said I turned white for a few minutes there, I was just praying it was not broken. Soon the pain subsided some and we rode on. Will came over and apologized, and said that mule had never kicked before.

My leg was very sore and swollen for about a week, and I never even got a big ugly bruise to show off... bummer....

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