Monday, August 8, 2011

My Mules Confirm that I am truly CRAZY!

Tara riding Sadie Mae, Diane driving Pearl in the Parade!

Diane driving Pearl in the show!

For years the mules have thought that I am Crazy, but now it is confirmed for them!
Got up at 5:30 AM and washed them both down in pouring rain and a thunderstorm. Loaded them on the trailer, ran in the house and took a quick shower and then off we went driving, huh, I mean swimming to the Robbins Farmers Day Fair!
Drove out of the rain that dumped nearly 2 inches on Raleigh just 15 miles south.
We had a good time at the Parade. The mule number was low so I was glad that I went! My friend Tara met me in Robbins and rode Sadie through the parade. I had Seven with his Mexican Mule outfit (Sombrero and giant bandanna to his knees) on and Sadie with her Sunflower hat, necklace of sunflowers around her neck and some in her tail. You could just hear all the people getting excited when they saw us. Kids would say, "Mom look at that one!" and adults were trying to take our photos!
After the parade, we went to the awards and Todd won Best Mule Team, with his Mammoth Donkey team, Sadie and Katie. He was happy to win but also a little perplexed that the Judges did not know there where Mammoth Donkeys. He said he is going to get a sign for his wagon next year!
My friend Diane came with her Donkey Pearl and drive her through the parade! Pearl did so well for this only being her 2nd parade being driven in! Diane was dressed like a country lady with a straw hat with flowers and Pearl had one too. She had flower all over her cart and a basket with fruit and flowers in it. We was surprised and also a little dismayed to win Oddest Hitch.
We started the show and I convinced Bobby to show Sadie in Halter, Western Pleasure and Coon Jumping. We also showed in Pairs Class. Unfortunately in most of the classes we were the only two. There was several driving mules and donkeys though. Several people asked, "Why don't they do this in October or something!" I agree!

Todd's Wonderful Donkeys Sadie and Katie!

Here is a great photo show of Robbins Farmers Day Fair from this last Saturday!
Here are also some time markers to be able to watch for me and some of my friends!!!

Link or put into your web search to play:

Todd Barfield Mammoth Donkeys Sadie & Katie at 1:26 & 1:41 &
Wayne Hussey 4 up hitch
Sadie Mae & Tara and Seven & Shannon at 4:33 and 4:41
Pearl and Diane 4:45
at the end is Odell Hussey, in his late 80's doing demo of stacking logs with his horse Johnny!

Also a photo of my mule doing something kind of neat! The ladies driving Donkey, would not get on the trailer. She had pushed herself to the side and two big men could not get her to go straight again! I brought Seven over and lined him up, drove his shoulder over and told him to push the Donkey over!! And he did it!!! Wow, MULE ARE SMART! I was so amazed that he understood what I needed him to help with!!!

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