Friday, August 19, 2011

Jerry Tindell Clinic

Shannon & Seven drifting the hindquarters!
Jerry watching as Seven & me work on new skills!
Debbie & Jack get some instruction.
Debbie and I headed down the road with our two red mules towards Holly's place. We got in late and once we got the mules settled it was off to bed. We had an early morning ride with a Clinician named Jerry Tindell. I had heard good things about him from Holly. She and her lady friends had met him at Bishop Mule Days in California, where he is from. They were so impressed that they went to everyone of his demonstrations during the Mule Days. Holly decided that she would like to host him coming to North Carolina. She got a small group together and Jerry flew out for the week to do some riding and teaching. By Saturday we were the last part of the group to have a chance to ride with him. I was really impressed as we started off with ground work in the round pen and him showing us how important it is to get the mules feet moving and going forward. He used Debbie's mule who has probably not had anything done with him like that in a long time. I liked how he made many analogies to drive his point home and used the mule and rider, no matter what their skill level to teach the whole group. We then worked on getting the mules to do a true, one rein stop, something I had always thought I understood, but he took it to a new level! Jerry rode Brodie, one of Holly's mules and talked about getting them to be soft to the bit and bend. He then gave Holly and me an exercise to practice, to start working towards a lead change, something that has been on mine and Seven's list for a long time! He told me to "Ride him like I stole him!" which gave me new confidence to push Seven for faster, quicker and more response to my aids. Jerry also kept reminding us to let him know if we feared something or did not feel safe about doing something. We rode out on the trail for about half an hour after the ring work and had a great time, but boy was it hot that day! Later that night everyone from the clinic met at Holly and Bruce's house for dinner. We all brought something and it made for a great meal! Best thing was Jerry was willing to sit and talk with everyone and answer questions about mules and riding. He said all day, "How can I help you!" This is a rare find in deed. I was excited to find someone, so willing to help, teach and explain things, but also teaching the Ray Hunt style of horsemanship which I have been looking to learn. He is coming back in November and I am hoping to ride with him again!
The next day Holly, Debbie and I went on a relaxing trail ride, were Debbie got to try out some of her new Jerry Training Techniques!
Check out his Web Site at:
Debbie & Jack with Holly and Pearl!

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