Thursday, July 23, 2009

WWE Wrestlers at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine?

At work I was contacted by Make-A-Wish Foundation in need of an equine and a location for a photo shoot for three kids to meet their favorite WWE Wrestlers.
I only knew one equine for the Job -Sadie Mae!

On July 20th the Equine Health Program (whom I work for) hosted the kids from Make-A-Wish for a photo shoot and lunch with two WWE Wrestlers at the NCSU CVM. Clothes for the photos were provided by Wrangler who is a sponsor of WWE.
It turned into a magical day. The rain stopped just in time and the kids were truly surprised by WWE World Champion Wrestler Kofi Kingston and WWE Wrestler Diva Mickie James. She is a horseback rider and sat on mule Sadie Mae for part of the photo shoot.

Kofi had to be talked in to getting on Sadie Mae and it was quite funny. He held his World Champion WWE Wrestling Belt while he rode her.
Sadie who was looking like a Diva herself, was like a rock the whole time. She put up with a microphone on a pole, snapping, popping and flashing of big light bulbs, 25 people all around her. At one point a camera man tripped and landed, camera and all right in front of Sadie. She hardly blinked an eye at it all.
We are honored to have been able to make this event happen for the kids and also to share with the Make-A-Wish, Wrangler and WWE group the great things that go on here at the CVM. Several tours where given and the kids got to see the skeletons and other displays in the school.

For more information on our Eastern North Carolina Chapter of Make-A-Wish visit:

Photo of the beginning of the photo shoot!

One of the Make-A-Wish Kids got a ride and gave us a BIG SMILE!

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