Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ladies Leatherwood Weekend!

Stacey, Donna, Holly, Jane, Bev and me! Four Mules and One Short Ear!
It was a little hot when we first arrived to unload and tack up but as soon as we got on the trail things cooled off. Riding along the side of streams and in the shade we just picked which trails we wanted to ride as we came to them!
That evening we made our way up to the cabin and met up with Stacey who was already moved in and was cooking! We moved in and checked out the new addition on the Palomar Cabin. Some took a dip in the hot tub and enjoyed the view. Soon we sat down to a wonderful meal of steak burger, potatos, squash and other goodies. After a trip down the mountain to feed and check on the mules, Stacey had her home made Cheese Cake ready for everyone!
Early Saturday morning we had some fresh bagels, fruit and packed a sandwich for lunch. We rode out at 8:30AM after some photos taken by Lizzy from Leatherwood. We took the Ambush Trail in the hopes of spotting a Mountain Lion that was sited there a few days ago. No such Luck! But it was a pretty and cool (in the 60's) for most of the morning. We got to our lunch pasture called High Pad but barely got our sandwiches down before some guys showed up to mow the pasture. We spend the rest of the afternoon winding down the mountain. Saturday night at the cabin, another wonderful dinner from Stacey, more cheese cake and some hot tub time! Sunday we packed up but not bare to leave the cabin until check out time! So we sat and talked and enjoyed the wonderful views! Another short ride before heading home to the Hot Land!

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