Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pine Hurst Dressage Show Feb. 15th

Big Thank You to Linda Hoover and Sue Smithson for letting me bring my mule to their shows! To my wonderful surprise everyone was so nice about Seven being there! I hope that he made a good impression with everyone. He sure tried him hardest to do everything I asked!

Another Big Thank You to Tom Reedy for this photo of me and Seven competing in Sport Horse Versatility Under Saddle. It was great fun! Linda really made the course much harder this time to my delight!

Seven was very relaxed, a little too relaxed at the show! He was very good but keep hitting the poles with his toes and falling asleep between classes. He made me work just as hard for each stride of the dressage tests as he did!

Here are the results:
Intro B, score 66.5, placed 2nd out of 5
Training 2, score 62.5, placed 3rd out of 8
In-Hand Sport Horse Versatility, score of 119, placed 1st of 6
Under Saddle Sport Horse Versatility, score of 129, placed 2nd of 3

We lost the Under saddle part of the SHV by one point! It was a good, tough competition! The winner also got 3.5 more points in the Dressage test half of the event. I was very proud of Seven for winning the in-hand part! He had been having problems not jogging up to the Judge at the end of the course. He showed a major improvement in this! That is all we can ask for and this time it won him a Blue Towel Too!

We are taking a break this week, partly to have a rest and partly because it has been much colder this week. Next week we will start practicing for the Extreme Cowboy Race on March 7 & 8th. This will be a big change for Seven from the rather tame Dressage ring but one I think he will enjoy and needs! For those of you who don't know what a Cowboy Race is check out

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Anonymous said...

Dressage, no less! Shannon, who is more amazing, you or your mule? It is such a pleasure to read about you and your adventures with the equines.

Trish Mandes