Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dressage Show at Pine Hurst Track

Big Thank You to Tom Reedy for the photos!

Saturday was cold but I got up and rode Seven, then clipped him up, vacuumed and washed his tail in a bucket! He looked pretty spiffy! I asked him not to roll and put a blanket on him! Sunday morning I got to the Pinehurst Track about 9:30 went over and learned my obstacle patterns and then tacked up Seven to warm up! He rode warmed up well but became a slug during the Into B test. I had to kick and kick and squeeze and squeeze! Despite this, I was pleased to learn we had placed 4th with a 62.5.

Then I had to run back to the truck and untack for our In-Hand Obstacle Course. He did everything very well but I did a 360 turn instead of a 180 so that cost us some points. Seven also did not want to jog towards the Judge, who was wearing a long black coat (not a surprise). We placed 3rd with a score of 103 out of 150. Linda Hoover the Judge said we did a really nice 360, too bad it was supposed to be a 180. I hate it when I mess up! Back to the trailer again for a little break, a sandwich for me and some grain for Seven. I was hoping a little lunch would wake him up, but I took no chances and tacked up with my spurs and crop.

Our Training Level 2 test went pretty well. I was not happy about going right behind a wonderful grey horse who was a beautiful mover, turned out to be the winner of the class. I was very glad I had my spurs and crop for re-enforcement! Seven tripped and almost fell on his nose during the first canter circle. We both recovered with out missing a stride! He was a little stiff and not bending as well around the corners. I think it was because I had the crop, but at least he was moving forward! We placed 2nd with a 64.286, I was very pleased with that! The final class of the day was the second part of the Sport Horse Versatility under saddle obstacle course. 50% of the score if my Intro B test and the other half is from this course. We had to stop with the front two feet over a pole, cross a bridge, do a 180 in a box, go between some brush, go into and back out between two poles and then circle at a trot and stop at the Judge. Seven Won! I was so thrilled! I am so proud of him!

We sent over to get our test papers and Seven got some apples and carrots with his awards. Instead of ribbons Sue Smithson has small colored towels! Very handy for cleaning up my mule!

While we were at the table five little girls came over and wanted to pet Seven, they where about 8 to 10 years old. I showed them how to rub his ears, he let three of them rub at once and one girl picked up his foot. When I told them to see if it was different than a horses’ hoof (Mules feet are deeper and more U shaped) all the girls and about three more adults crowed around to see! Seven was so relaxed that day, good thing!

Next Pine Hurst Show is Feb. 15th! Everyone cross your fingers we do well then too!

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