Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend at Uwharrie with the CMA

Jane and I got to the 4B Farm right about the time it started to rain!
We checked in and found the stalls, got her horse settled and the mules in their big stallion stall. It was the only stall left where the Sadie and Seven could be together. It is 18 foot long and 12 foot wide but very dark so I took a battery operated lantern and placed it up on a shelve on the back of the wall. It let the mules get used to the new space with a little light, because other wise it looked to me like a big dark cave!
Once we got parked, plugged in and awning out it stopped raining. We met up with our friends at the camp fire. As I was heading to bed I noticed that the clouds where just a thin layer. There was a faint circle of light around the 3/4 full moon, but what was weird was there was another off centered circle higher in the sky and brighter. Where the two circles met they joined and followed the circle around the moon. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen!
The next morning was cool and crisp. Bev Duval came to ride Sadie Mae. We rode out at 9AM after a much needed word of prayer from camp owner Larry Blackburn. It was the kind of day you could tell was going to warm up so I did not bring a jacket. 18 mules and 2 good horses moved quietly through the woods making short work of the mud puddles. We stopped for lunch at Baden Lake, where Jane saw a copper head snake trying to eat a cat fish. The fish jumped and got away from the snake. That is not something that you see every day! We decided to ride with the long ride for the rest of the day! It was such a nice day and everyone was having a good time!
We stopped by what people call "The Big Rocks" for
a rest and took some photos. Seven and I climbed up on one of them. Upon arriving home, 8 hours later, we untacked, let the mules do some grazing. We met up with some other mule friends and a couple visiting from California who are thinking of moving here! We ended the evening with deserts and a CMA Club meeting.Sunday AM after sleeping in a little I got the mules ready to go early. A friend who is helping me with Dressage and I am helping her get to learn about mules was there camping. She came over to ride Seven. We ended up with Mule Pony rides for about five people! They where all having great fun! Nice way to get your mules warmed up for the trail ride too! The Sunday ride was 7 mules and 2 horses. We rode to Hang Glider Hill and had lunch. It was another warm day so we took it easy as the mules almost have their full winter coat on! We where all sorry to go home!

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