Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seven's Jump through the Pool Noodles!

Wow, my friend Casey actually caught Seven's Jump through the pool noodles at the Trail Challenge in September! I had expected him to shoot through the obstacle but not to leap through the air like this! He went from a stand still to this! After looking at the photo he jumped higher than I thought! No wonder the chin strap broke! It think it was the only thing that kept me on!
Not one of my more shining horsemanship moments, but funny all the same!


Trish said...

Shannon Hoffman is amazing. In case readers don't know it, Shannon used to have a nationally rated American Quarter Horse, and she and her beautiful bay were a winning combination in both English and Western events.

Shannon, you rock!

Trish Mandes

Donna C. Smith said...

Looks like Seven thought he was suppose t obe coon jumping;o)