Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vicky comes to ride the Long Ears!

My friend Vicky Thomas whom I met at a clinic a few months earlier came up for the day to ride Seven and Twila. She told me, when she found out I had mules, that she had always wanted to ride one! So of course I said for her to just come on up!
Reed came up for the day and brought her big mule Ted! So it was going to be an all mule and one donkey trail ride! GREAT!
Reed also brought her very yummy cheese dip! YUM!

Another fun and successful Trail Ride! YEA! 

Vicky and Seven!

Vicky gave Twila a quick try out! 

Vicky and Seven, Reed and Ted

Shannon and Twila -Braking System Went OUT! LOL! 

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