Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

I headed to my parents' house for Christmas this year! Already there was my sister Cynthia and her daughter Robin, aged 2. Levi was of course over-excited by all the action and wondering what this Christmas thing was all about! Christmas Eve, we attended church and got to see my father perform with his Choir. They sounded great! "Past three-o-clock, on a cold frosty morning." We did some sugar cookie decorating and my mother cooked a wonderful Christmas dinner. We had a roast, and I brought some lamb chops.

After Christmas, my mother and I took Levi over to visit with Cricket and her family! Levi was terrified of Cricket's sweet German Shepard but absolutely loved her two kids, Charlie and Joe! Levi got to play in the ribbons from all the presents! I so enjoyed spending some relaxing time with my family but headed home late Monday night... trying to get home before a big rain storm set in!

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dglvr3 said...

Love the updates! You have been superbusy! I especially like the photo of Levi and the little boy at the door :)
Happy 2012!